January is a sleepy month. A month filled with tranquility and quietness. As if everything in the surroundings is trying to take a deep breath after the holiday rush and slow down for a while. And we as well, longing for quietness, went on a small trip to an island.

Where else should one look for inspiration?

It was a wonderful time. A time for ourselves. A time to have forest walks, listening to the snow crunch underfoot and inhaling the raw winter air trying to catch new notes in it with our noses. The winter air almost lack a distinctive aroma however there is something beautiful in its straightforwardness and simplicity. Don't you agree?

We were very taken by the beauty of this place and we are definitely planning on coming back here in the summer. 

«If you can't change the situation change your attitude».

This phrase became the motto of our work in January. The complications with delivery of materials has given us inspiration to bring some changes and new things to the brand. The working days of this month will be remembered with the aromas of mint tea and coffee from a cozy café in the corner of Old town.

There, sitting in a soft chair we spent many hours thinking up something new...

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