"The brand DÜÜN was born in my flat, namely in my kitchen, where after many years of searching for “that special kind” of aroma that would hold the level of a high-end niche perfume. So I decided to create a perfect candle of my own.

I wanted to create conceptual candles that would tell a vibrant story about the beauty of life throughout the yearly cycle. The memories of my own and the stories of my friends that are related to different months are hidden in the candle glasses as scents.

The name of the brand was decided at once.

«DÜÜN» - translates from Estonian as dune. It is a reference to the sand dunes on the shore of the Baltic sea in a small Estonian town where our family's summer house is located. We went there every summer to enjoy spending time with each other, in the nature, by the sea, enjoying the salty air and evening strolls in the pine forest. This is the place where I come from and where most of my sweet memories were born."

Liza, owner